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北京美食之旅 – 嘉和一品 Porridge Jiahe

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On a hot sunny day in Beijing, the best dessert to cool us down is porridge. You’ve heard it right – dessert porridge, otherwise known as 冰粥. And one of the more popular stores in Beijing famous for their dessert porridge is 嘉和一品 Porridge Jiahe.

(anti-clockwise from foreground) 香甜芒果冰粥, 荷叶绿豆冰粥, 酸甜乌梅冰粥, 山楂银耳冰粥

(anti-clockwise from foreground) 香甜芒果冰粥, 荷叶绿豆冰粥, 酸甜乌梅冰粥, 山楂银耳冰粥

嘉和一品 Porridge Jiahe doesn’t just offer 冰粥, they do offer an array of savoury porridge. However, we were definitely more intrigued and drawn to the idea of cold porridge and ordered all 4 available 冰粥.

The 冰粥 wasn’t exactly like its direct translation of “iced porridge”. It was more like a cold porridge. 冰粥 consisted of mushy, soft rice grains, every bit like our normal savoury porridge, except for the fact that it was cold, sweet and refreshing.

One can imagine that the 香甜芒果冰粥 (mango porridge) would taste similar to the typical mango desserts in Singapore. The icy cold mango flavoured porridge was basically made up of rice grains and small mango cubes. The 荷叶绿豆冰 (green bean) was nothing too special as it tasted almost like the green bean soup found in Singapore.

The more interesting and unique 冰粥 were the 酸甜乌梅冰粥 (sour plums) and 山楂银耳冰粥 (hawthorne fruit and fungus). The sweet and sour plums added a more complicated flavour profile to the porridge. The 山楂银耳冰粥 tended towards a more herbal type of porridge. In terms of flavour profile, both were more multi-dimensional and unique.

Cold dessert porridge – what can get better than that on a hot, sunny day in Beijing?

嘉和一品 Porridge Jiahe


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