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320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe

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In most ice cream shops, we get to see an array of ice cream flavours at the display counter. We can even request to taste some of the flavours. So based on sight and taste, customers get to choose which flavour they would like to purchase. But at 320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe, there isn’t such a privilege as the ice cream is made on the spot! And that happens within 10 minutes. Freshly made ice cream right in front of eyes. Magic? Nope – just the wonders of liquid nitrogen!

Well, there aren’t any physical samples for us to choose our flavours from, customers just have to choose their flavours from a large blackboard.

Regular flavours ($4.80): banana, black currant, lemon, lime, lychee, pineapple, pink grapefruit, raspberry, summer fruit, strawberry, apple cinnamon, coffee, earl grey, ginger honey, green tea, horlicks, peanut butter, salted caramel, sweet potato, toffee vanilla, milk chocolate.

Premium flavours ($5.20): black sesame, chendol, dark chocolate, thai coconut, passion fruit.

Special flavours ($5.60): christmas horlicks, new york cheese, tim tam toh.

Supreme flavours ($6.00): black forest, tiramisu, baileys coffee, baileys chocolate, kahlua coffee, lychee martini, rum and raisins.

Once the flavour has been decided, the staff would concoct a liquid mixture and into the food mixer it goes.

320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe

320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe

320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe

320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe

Here comes the secret magical ingredient – liquid nitrogen! Since liquid nitrogen boils at negative 196°C, the liquid mixture immediately freezes into ice cream upon contact with the super cold nitrogen. And of course, the liquid nitrogen vapourizes into the surrounding air, leaving behind the freshly made ice cream.

Tim Tam Toh

Tim Tam Toh

We tried one of the special flavours – tim tam toh, which is essentially a vanilla based ice cream with crumbled chunks of the popular tim tam snack. We couldn’t really differentiate this liquid nitrogen made ice cream from the typical ice cream. It was a decent ice cream, but nothing too fantastic.

We took a step further and decided to customize our ice cream this time. We chose 2 flavours – peanut butter and new york cheesecake, and the staff gladly concocted this mixture for us. The ice cream turned out to be more pleasing that the 1st. At 1st bite, we immediately detected the strong saltiness of the peanut butter and as the ice cream slowly melted in out mouths, the characteristic sourness of the cheesecake emerged.

Interesting concept and a great way to see ice cream made right in front of our eyes.

320° Below Nitro Cream Cafe
#01-01, 33 Mackenzie Road


Written by foodphd

November 16, 2013 at 10:11 pm

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