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We haven’t been to any Mexican restaurants. The closest one we’ve been to would be Chili’s, though technically speaking, Chili’s can hardly be classified as an authentic Mexican restaurant. That makes Casa Latina our first attempt at authentic Mexican cuisine!

Pollo Divorciado (Divorced Chicken)

Pollo Divorciado (Divorced Chicken)

Corn Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

Pollo Divorciado (Divorced Chicken) $28 – Chicken thigh is cooked in two types of Mole – Pipian Verde and Poblano and served with Mexican rice, beans and corn tortillas. Mole is a generic name for the sauces used in Mexican cuisine. For the Divorced Chicken, a single chicken thigh was served with the green and red mole. Pipian Verde refers to the thick green mole and is essentially made from pumpkin seeds, green tomatoes, lettuce leaves and fresh herbs. The Poblano is the brown-red sauce made from various chilies and surprisingly, dark chocolate. Both sauces are rather thick and strong in flavours. The red Poblano is the spicier of the two. Well, we couldn’t detect any chocolate taste in the Poblano though. Both sauces were pretty good and in our opinion, win Chili’s hands down.

The accompaniments include mashed beans, Mexican rice and corn tortillas. The taste of the mashed beans are similar to those beans you can find in ice kachang and chendol. The Mexican rice can be a little bit on the salty side. The corn tortillas tasted very similar to corn chips/nachos. The flavours of the corn was almost too overpowering.

Enchiladas Cheese

Enchiladas Cheese

Enchiladas ($20) – Tortillas filled with your choice of chicken or cheese or vegetables, and seasoned with either red sauce or green sauce, and served with beans, cheese and Mexican rice. The Enchiladas came with red and green sauces as well. However, the red sauce was different from that found in the Divorced Chicken. It was noticeably less viscous and less spicy. There were bits of solid cheese and melted cheese atop the tortillas. The tortillas were similar to those accompanying the Divorced Chicken. But having been soaked in the sauce, it was akin to soggy drenched nachos. The tortillas were filled with a generous amount of cheese as well.

Casa Latina
42 Waterloo Street


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