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Coffee and Crust – Part II

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During our 1st visit to the Chocolate Buffet at Coffee and Crust, Mandarin Orchard, we missed out on their signature Chocolate Bomb. This explained for this follow up visit – solely to be blown away by Chocolate Bomb!

The Chocolate Bomb was served in front of each guest by the chefs and every customer is entitled to 1 serving.

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb

The Chocolate Bomb, arrived in front of us, looking like a nondescript chocolate ball. However, when the chef poured the hot chocolate sauce over the ball, all magic and mayhem broke loose! The thin outer chocolate shell melted immediately, revealing a milk chocolate mousse with hazelnut crumble! From a nice quaint chocolate ball, what is left now is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous and tantalizing chocolate mess. The chocolate sauce brings both the mousse and the hazelnut crumbles together and really increased the stickiness of the dessert. The nutty aroma and crunchiness of the hazelnut crumble cut through the richness of the chocolate, such that the entire dessert wasn’t too sweet. Every mouth was just rich chocolately goodness, with the hazelnut crumbles flirting in the background.

Every chocolate lover’s dream.

Coffee and Crust
Level 5, Mandarin Orchard
333 Orchard Road


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