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Standing Sushi Bar

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Though named as “Standing Sushi Bar“, the full service outlet at the Singapore Art Museum comes fully equipped with seats and tables as well as an extensive menu of bento sets, sashimi, tempura, appetizers and sushi.

All Salmon All The Time

All Salmon All The Time

Our main aim was to try Standing Sushi Bar’s specialty rolls, in particular those of aburi salmon! We chose the “All Salmon All The Time” ($16) which consists of raw salmon, cucumber, avocado, topped off with seared salmon and tobiko. This would be a favourite with salmon lovers due to the presence of both raw and seared salmon, which presents dual textures. The raw salmon would still retain that bit of raw chewiness and bite; while that seared salmon, with its connective tissues and flesh slightly broken down and tenderized by the searing, was more tender, exuding a slight charred taste. The cucumber provided that extra refreshing crunch, with the mushy texture of the avocados forming the backdrop. Indeed, each mouth presents a plethora of textures.

Taste wise however, it was slightly lacking, compared to Koh Sushi. We speculated that it might be due to a lack of sauce to bind the entire sushi together. Koh Sushi’s aburi salmon maki was tastier in flavour. Standing Sushi Bar’s version was less punchy and seemingly lacking in flavours.

Standing Sushi Bar
#01-03, Singapore Art Museum
8 Queen Street


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