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Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

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With that many artisan bakeries and patisseries flooding the shores of Singapore, every new outlet definitely has to have an outstanding selling point. And for Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie, which just opened for a week, its main selling point is its consultant pastry chef Eran Mayer – a two-time recipient of the prestigious Grand Prix de la Baguette (Best Baguette of Paris) competition in France!

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

The layout setting of Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie resembled that of Tiong Bahru Bakery, with the long glass display of tarts, sandwiches, pastries and various kinds of artisan breads in the back shelves. Not really knowing the specialty offering of Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie, we went for the 2 items that appealed to us most.

(from right to left) Caramel Pecan Tart and Chocolate Lava Cake

(from right to left) Caramel Pecan Tart and Chocolate Lava Cake

The Chocolate Lava Cake ($6.80) wasn’t heated prior to serving, hence we immediately knew that there was a high chance that the centre wasn’t a molten and viscous core. True enough, the core of the cake wasn’t molten and fluidy, though it was still a tad softer and more moist than the surrounding cake. Putting aside all expectations of a lava cake, this Chocolate Lava Cake was actually pretty impressive. The outer surrounding cake was very dense, moist and rich. It was every bit like a fudge cake, albeit a slightly softer kind. It wasn’t too sweet and the chocolate taste was very strong and decadent.

The Caramel Pecan Tart ($6) was equally impressive. The caramel wasn’t too cloyingly sweet hence we didn’t get too sick from eating it. The caramel was gooey and sticky, simply fork licking good. The tart crust was very fresh and crunchy. It had a slight buttery fragrance, which lingered in the background, without overpowering the fillings of the tart. The best part of the tart has to be the nuts. Besides the whole nuts which were visible atop the tart, there were crushed nuts within the caramel filling. The nuts were very fragrant, very crunchy – evident of their freshness. The nuts weren’t salted nor sweetened, they were just simply exuding their intrinsic nutty aroma and flavours. And they were so crunchy and fresh that it was almost like the nuts were just harvested prior to baking the tart. This has got to be one of the best nut-based tarts we have ever tried.

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie
#01-01, 118 Killiney Road


Written by foodphd

September 2, 2013 at 2:20 pm

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