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北京美食之旅 – 大碗居

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Hoping to move away from the spicy and oily dishes in Beijing, we headed to 大碗居 for some simple home-cooked fare, as what the Chinese term 家常菜. 大碗居 is popular with the locals for its reasonably priced and good quality 家常菜.



We started off with a cold appetizer of 虫草花自制酿粉 (clear noodles with Chinese caterpillar fungus, 20RMB). We’ve got to admit that the black, flat and fat glass noodles, with the worm look-alike meat strips, didn’t look quite appetizing. But this time round, looks are indeed deceiving. The flat noodles were al-dente, chewy and very smooth. It had adequately absorbed the gravy, and hence on its own, it was moist and savoury. As it was served cold, it tasted refreshing and very appetizing. There was a touch of vinegar in the dish, adding that little sour tanginess, making this a great starter.



The 野蓝莓淮山糕 (wild cream, 32 RMB) has got to be the most interesting and unique dish we have tried in Beijing. When this dish was brought to the table, we were slightly baffled. In no way could we even imagine what the dish would look and taste like. It seemed to be a dessert, yet could also be an appetizer. It looked like whipped cream which for a moment, stumped us. The mystery was unveiled when we took a spoonful of it. Looks wise, it looked every bit like cream. However, it was much richer, heavier and denser compared to whipped cream. In fact, it was likened more to the consistency of mashed potatoes. Just that in this case, it was mashed Chinese yam. Every mouth was pure mashed Chinese yam, it wasn’t enhanced with starch. The Chinese yam exuded a subtle taste of herbs, not too strong in flavour. But the drizzle of blueberries added a sour-sweet burst to it. The stone-like features beside the yam were actually chocolates. Interesting and sophisticated dish.



Main course of the day was the 酱爆桃仁鸡 (sauteed chicken with walnut, 38 RMB). This was seemingly the only chicken dish we tried in Beijing. In Beijing, chicken dishes are not as popular compared to mutton and beef. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do a good job about it. The 酱爆桃仁鸡 was well-caramelized, giving the chicken a slightly sweet and sticky outer layer. The walnuts were very crunchy and fresh and with the caramelization plus sesame seeds, the walnuts tasted like candied walnuts.

大碗居 – 体育馆店


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