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北京美食之旅 – 麻辣誘惑

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麻辣誘惑 (Spice Spirit), as its name goes, wows the China crowd with its spicy culture. More than 50% of the dishes on its menu are spicy. So if you aren’t a chili lover, this place isn’t for you. And with 15 outlets spanning across Beijing, the Chinese love for spicy, in particular 麻辣, cuisine, cannot be stopped!

上汤丝瓜尖, 上汤娃娃菜

上汤丝瓜尖, 上汤娃娃菜

Started off the meal with some non-spicy, soup-based vegetables to cleanse the palate – 上汤丝瓜尖 (luffa tip, 22RMB) , 上汤娃娃菜 (baby Chinese cabbage, 22RMB). Nothing too praise-worthy, but just something healthier, lighter and less rich to reduce the workload of our digestive system.



And then comes the heavy, flavourful dishes! First up was the 砂钵什锦野生菌 (sand mixed wild mushrooms, 42 RMB), which consisted of abalone mushrooms, tea tree mushrooms, golden mushrooms, 口蘑 (a type of wild mushroom) and pork belly. The medley of mushrooms contributed different textures. Every bite was just bursting with flavours, with adequate acceptable spiciness without being overly oily. The pork belly wasn’t too fatty and exuded a meaty fragrance. We love how each bite came with juicy and chewy mushrooms, enhanced with the fragrance from the spices.



The spicy level of the meal was tuned one notch up with the arrival of the 麻辣香锅鱿鱼 (mala claypot squid). The squid had been coated with a batter and deep fried before finishing in the claypot with potato strips and luffa. There was more chili fragrance and spice in this dish, evident from the huge chunks of chili in the claypot. The squid was fresh and chewy, slightly salty due to the batter. The potato strips had been cooked till soft, but not mushy. Not exactly 麻辣 though.



The highlight of the meal, the epitome of 麻辣誘惑 – it is the signature, every table has to have it, 金牌水煮鱼 (boiled organic grass carp in hot oil, 79 RMB). This is the representation of the 麻辣 culture, using the 金阳麻椒 and 安阳子弹头辣椒 and cooking the grass carp in 220°C oil. It was actually quite mind-blowing to be staring at this fish which was literally swamped and overwhelmed with chopped chili and chili seeds. And before eating the fish, we had to patiently scrap away the 金阳麻椒, as any bite into it will probably ruin our taste buds for the entire meal. When we finally savoured the fish, it was absolutely comforting. The fish was very fresh, very soft and tender – almost decadently breaking apart in our mouths. We were each given a piece of white bread, which served as an oil absorber for the fish. This ensured that we wouldn’t be drinking oil as we savoured the fish. The dish was very fragrant, given the large and generous amount of chili. Beneath the fish was a large serving of bean sprouts. We tried to avoid the bean sprouts though, as they had quite thoroughly soaked up the oil in this dish.

麻辣誘惑 – 崇文门店


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