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北京美食之旅 – 姚记炒肝店

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As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Beijing, eat what the locals eat. That led us to 姚记炒肝店.



The place wasn’t very big, and when we reached, we managed to snag a seat. But 10 minutes later, the entire place was swamped with locals. There was much screaming around as orders were being taken and delivered. But this is the true authentic dining scene in local Beijing.

(anti-clockwise from foreground) 卤煮火烧, 炒肝, 炸酱面, 驴打滚

(anti-clockwise from foreground) 卤煮火烧, 炒肝, 炸酱面, 驴打滚

At 姚记炒肝店, you can find authentic Beijing local street fare. Food which the locals eat and enjoy on a daily basis, without putting a hole in their pockets. The 卤煮火烧 (18 RMB) actually tasted like the local Singapore kway chap. In fact, it consisted of the same ingredients – pig intestines, beancurd puffs, pig’s stomach. The soup had the same flavours, especially that saltiness, as with local kway chap.

The 炒肝 (6 RMB) looked different from expected. We had thought that it was a quick stir fry dish of pig liver. But it turned out to be braised pig liver, soaked in a starchy and very thick broth. Not really to our liking as we never did appreciate the grain texture of the pig liver.

We also had the opportunity to try the 炸酱面 (12 RMB). Nothing too praise-worthy. Almost comparable to what we can find in Singapore.

The final dish from 姚记炒肝店 is the 驴打滚, which is reminiscent of the muah chee in Singapore. 驴打滚 is a soybean-flour cake, with red bean fillings. Dough is first made with soybean flour and topped with red bean paste filling. After which, it is rolled in soybean flour, seemingly like a donkey rolling in dust, hence the name 驴打滚. It is dense and sweet, with the aroma from the soybean flour. It has a glutinous-like texture and with the soybean flour powdery surface, 驴打滚 looks just like a cousin of muah chee.


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