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Hot Chocolate and Matcha Latte

Hot Chocolate and Matcha Latte

We are on the hunt for the best Green Tea Latte in Singapore! And compared to drinks like Hot Chocolate, Green Tea Latte is less common and not so widely available at many cafes. And the main reason is probably that Green Tea Latte isn’t all that easy to master. There must be an adequate balance in the proportion of tea and milk, and not forgetting good grasp of the sweetness level. Too much milk, and you lose the characteristic green tea taste and fragrance. Too little milk and you lose the smoothness and end up creating green tea instead.

Selfish Gene Cafe’s Matcha Latte fell short in terms of the milkiness. It’s taste gravitated towards green tea, rather than matcha latte. It wasn’t all that sweet though, which is a good thing. But compared to Tsujiri’s, Selfish Gene was definitely not on par. On the other hand, the Hot Chocolate was still quite decent. Not as thick and viscous as we would have liked, it was still a chocolately drink to satisfy the chocolate lover.

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road


Written by foodphd

August 14, 2013 at 11:08 am

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