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Chocolate Nemesis Torte

Chocolate Nemesis Torte

Brownie Cheesecake Bar

Brownie Cheesecake Bar

The Chocolate Nemesis Torte ($6) didn’t taste like the chocolate tortes we have previously tried. The presence of the rich torte was probably overshadowed by the largest proportion of mousse, hence making the entire cake softer and more mousse like. Still, the rich, sticky chocolate cake was pretty decent. The richness and denseness of the chocolate could be a little too much for one person though.

The Brownie Cheesecake Bar ($6) was one of the more successful renditions of cheesecake + brownie. Many dessert places have tried, but failed miserably. The House of Robert Timms did a good job in balancing the strong flavours of cheesecake and brownie. The cheesecake was rich and moist, packing a full-bodied cheesecake flavour. The brownie chunks were embedded into the cheesecake. These small chocolately bites did not overpower the taste of cheesecake, exuding sufficient chocolately goodness to cut through the cheesecake taste. Finally, for the sweet tooth, the cake was then topped off with caramel, increasing the sweetness by another notch.

The House of Robert Timms
#01-02/03, Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road


Written by foodphd

June 1, 2013 at 3:42 pm

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