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Maple & Market

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The sprouting of local bakeries and patisseries has found its way to Cassia Crescent!

Maple & Market

Maple & Market

Maple & Market isn’t all that big, probably able to seat around 10-15 people. This bakery is opened by baker and blogger Sarah Khaw, who used to sell her cakes online.



Cassia – a fusion of apple, cinnamon, maple with a cream cheese coating. The cake was quite dense, sticky and moist. The cream cheese was pretty decent – soft, subtly cheesy, without being overly creamy. There wasn’t much of an apple or maple taste though, as the cinnamon shone out strongly.

Chocolate Chip Scone

Chocolate Chip Scone

The most attractive feature of the scone was the numerous chocolate chips! And when slightly heated, the chocolate chips melted into semi-solid delights. But other than that, the scone was majorly disappointing. It lacked the characteristic fragrance and taste of an authentic English scone. Instead, other than looking like a scone, the taste could easily be passed off as a normal mediocre chocolate chip bun.

Maple & Market
#01-82, 34 Cassia Crescent


Written by foodphd

June 1, 2013 at 3:43 pm

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