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Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店

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Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee has opened at the new extension of Plaza Singapura for quite some time, but the long queue has also been a huge deterrence factor. And finally, when we had a chance to try Hoshino Coffee, to our utmost horror and disappointment, we realized that the signature “Fuwa-Fuwa” Hoshino Souffle contained beef!! And to make things worse, the “Hoshino” Pot Baked Curry Rice and the Omu Rice also contained beef! Such a bummer for the non-beef eaters! Furthermore, there was no mention/indication on the menu or order slip that these items contained beef. It was only after when we wanted to make our orders, did the waitress inform us! And that left us scrambling to decide on the alternatives.

BIG minus points for Hoshino Coffee. 5 of their top savoury main courses contained beef, leaving us with the pasta choices – which were not all that appealing.

BAD impression for non-beef eaters. If the menu had some sort of explicit indication that those food items contained beef, we wouldn’t even waste the time queuing.

Matcha Souffle

Matcha Souffle

Not much of a choice we had. But to try their desserts. The Matcha Souffle ($9.80) with Match Softee (+$1) took slightly more than 20 minutes to arrive. Well, the souffle was decent, though the centre seemed slightly underwhelming in terms of volume. The centre of the souffle was a moist, gooey, matcha-rich mess. The outer parts of the souffle were drier and fluffier. The Matcha taste was evident – which was the most basic requirements. Perhaps for $9.80, the price was a little steep as the sheer volume of the souffle wasn’t that much. The Matcha Softee was a good compliment to the warm souffle; it was cold, creamy and rich.

Hoshino Coffee
#03-84, Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road


Written by foodphd

May 23, 2013 at 4:02 pm

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