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Communal : Diner.Bar.New American Restaurant

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Touted to offer the best authentic American cuisine, Communal is the new American diner, bar and restaurant situated within walking distance to Boat Quay. The restaurant is pretty small, where most of the seats are along the bar. Communal adopts the open kitchen concept, but while you can enjoy watching the live preparation of your food orders, do be prepared leaving the place smelling exactly like your dinner.

Cornbread with Honey Butter

Cornbread with Honey Butter

Complimentary from the chef, we got to enjoy a small tasting portion of the Cornbread with Honey Butter. The exterior of the cornbread had a slightly harder crunch, while the inside was dense and chewy. There was a mild corn fragrance and taste, but not overpowering. The cornbread was a tad too oily, which was its biggest downside. The honey butter was rather bland though, and while paired with the cornbread, the taste of corn stood out more.

B&G - Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

B&G – Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

B&G Biscuits and Sausage Gravy ($6) – Biscuits to Americans are like scones to the English. Communal’s biscuits were rather heavy, dense and sticky. The sausage gravy exuded a strong spices and herbs taste and fragrance, adding dimensions to the monotonously salty biscuits. The chunks of minced meat provided the extra bite and texture. B&G – America’s savoury answer to the English scones and jam.

Lobster Mac and Cheese Gratin

Lobster Mac and Cheese Gratin

The Lobster Mac and Cheese Gratin ($20) consisted of macaroni with parmesan, mascarpone and white cheddar cheese, and topped with toasted bread crumbs. The Lobster Mac and Cheese Gratin was a slight disappointment for us as we were expecting a baked mac n cheese, with a semi-melted charred cheese layer and thick cheesy sauce. What welcomed us were segregated pieces of macaroni, mixed with toasted bread crumbs. The macaroni pieces weren’t tied together with a thick cheesy sauce. The cheese taste and aroma were pretty mild. Somehow, the main lead seemed to be the toasted bread crumbs. The lobster pieces were rather soft and mushy, didn’t carry the crunchiness that was expected of fresh seafood. There was also a queer lingering seafood taste in the sauce. On the whole, we were rather let down by the Lobster Mac and Cheese Gratin.

#01-01, 12 North Canal Road


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