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Ma La Xiang Guo 麻辣香锅

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Singapore has been swept by a sudden craze in 麻辣香锅 Ma La Xiang Guo. This China dish has generated quite a buzz in the food community as stalls and stalls of it start sprouting in numerous food courts.

For 麻辣香锅 Ma La Xiang Guo, one basically starts off by choosing the raw ingredients ranging from vegetables, poultry, seafood, carbohydrates etc. Different food items are priced differently according to weight. After choosing the ingredients, you move on to choosing the method of cooking. For those who can’t take spicy food, there’s always the oyster sauce version. But for chili lovers like us, we went straight for the 大辣, which is the highest level of spiciness. And the end product is a single big bowl of 麻辣香锅.

All the ingredients were stir fried with chili oil, dried chili and pepper seeds. The ingredients were thoroughly cooked and covered with the spices and chili oil. The 麻辣香锅 was true to its name – spicy, tongue numbing and fragrant. A simple single bowl – packed full of flavour and the ingredient selection customized to one’s own liking.


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February 3, 2013 at 11:21 am

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