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Dolcetto by Basilico

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Dolcetto – the revamped now-defunct SomethingToGo at The Regent Hotel. Every single time we walk into Dolcetto, the huge variety of pastries, cakes and chocolates would blow us away.

Dark Chocolate Amedei

Dark Chocolate Amedei

The Dark Chocolate Amedei was a combination of dense rich chocolate sponge and chocolate fudge covered in ganache. Not only was the cake topped with chocolate flakes, a second surprise laid at the bottom where the base of the cake was studded with chocolate nibs. Between the sponge and fudge was a crunchy layer which somehow lacked the freshness and crispiness we were expecting. That was the only downfall of the cake. Other than that, the cake was rich and chocolately, a well-balanced bitter-sweetness, exuding premium quality expected of Amedei chocolate.

Amedei Chocolate Caramel Pine Nuts

Amedei Chocolate Caramel Pine Nuts

The 2nd Amedei Chocolate cake was more colourful in terms of flavour – with the introduction of caramel. But this was also the main reason why we did not like this cake as much as the first. The caramel layer was blended with cream into a custard-like form which did not complement the dark chocolate amedei well, leading to a slightly queer sweetness in the cake. We did however like the pine nuts; they were fresh and crunchy. On the whole, this cake wasn’t as chocolately rich as the 1st one.

Dolcetto by Basilico
Lobby Level, The Regent
1 Cuscaden Road


Written by foodphd

February 3, 2013 at 11:24 am

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