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K-food talk family restaurant

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K-food talk family restaurant

K-food talk family restaurant

K-food talk family restaurant was one of the many Korean restaurants along the main Tanjong Pagar road. We were drawn towards their extensive and wide variety of dishes in the menu. The place was empty when we entered and the staff was busy preparing the raw ingredients. Upon seated, the waitress brought a bottle of complimentary mineral water and went back to her tasks. They weren’t particularly pushy or rushing for us to order.

Korean Banchan

Korean Banchan

7 different banchan were served including Odeng Bokum (stir-fried fish cake), Gaeran Mari (Korean rolled egg omelette),  Yoengeun jorim (sweet soy glazed lotus roots), Kongnamul (seasoned bean sprouts), Jeyook bokkeum (stir fried pork) and Kimchi. The banchan were pretty impressive – fresh ingredients, strong flavours and thorough marination.

Bibim mueon

Bibim mueon

Bibim mueon ($10) – Cold buckwheat noodles. We request to increase the spiciness of the Bibim mueon and hence a separate dish of gochujang was served together. Although the dish was supposed buckwheat noodles, we felt that they were reminiscent of instant Korean ramen noodles. But the Bibim mueon was springier and less starchy. The sauce was predominantly sweet, with notes of sourness and mild spiciness. The entire dish was very simple and nothing too fanciful. The al dente refreshing cold noodles coupled with the tangy sauce was awakening to the palate and something different from our previous Korean meals.

Saengseonguyi Jungsik Set (Godeungauh)

Saengseonguyi Jungsik Set (Godeungauh)

We had the Saengseonguyi Jungsik Set (Godeungauh) ($15) – the grilled Saba fish set. Though supposedly grilled, the Saba fish looked more deep fried. A bit turned off by the presence of oil sputtering on the hot plate, we were rather cautions when we approached the dish. However, the Saba fish turned out to be pretty decent. The fish was very fresh, flaky and juicy. Taste wise, it could get a little salty at certain portions, but it could easily be mitigated with rice. A decent rendition of the classic Saba fish.

K-food talk family restaurant
28 Tanjong Pagar Road

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  1. How about the fish?


    December 2, 2012 at 11:13 am

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