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Having heard of raving reviews of the alcoholic cakes from Broadway Cafe, we were quite puzzled as to how we could have missed this place. Perhaps cause it was hidden in a corner away from the main Duxton dining area, or perhaps cause there weren’t any flamboyant signs, or perhaps cause there wasn’t much crowd/customers there on an early Friday evening.

Brandy Cherry

Brandy Cherry

Brandy Cherry ($7.90) – A dose of brandy and rum makes the plain Jane Black-forest cake ol’ fashioned no more.
Indeed, the description mentioned about brandy and rum. But when we tried the cake, we were let down by the almost non-existent, barely detectable taste of alcohol. Rather, we were disappointed with the mediocre standard of the cake. The sponge and cream were just screaming every bit of a neighbourhood bakery, and not a classy cafe in the Duxton region. There was no depth nor quality standards in this blackforest cake, worth $7.90. Reeking of mediocre ingredients and lacking in flavours, we were just not convinced by the raving reviews.

Blonde Bailey

Blonde Bailey

The Blonde Bailey ($7.90) was sweeter than the Brandy Cherry. But similarly, the taste of bailey was sorely lacking. The cake wasn’t very fresh, as the cream was a bit curd like, with stale bits of semi solids, and a lack in smoothness. The vanilla sponge was very light, in terms of taste and texture. Once again, this cake reeked mediocrity and lacked flavours and depth.

Broadway Cafe
15 Duxton Road


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December 2, 2012 at 10:05 am

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