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The sister bakery of Artichoke Cafe and Bar, Overdoughs is a quaint deli and bakeshop offering Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Moroccan and Middle Eastern desserts and pastries. With an open kitchen and a big communal table, Overdoughs exudes a touch of homeliness and simplicity.

Snickers Pie

Snickers Pie

We were excited just by the mere mention of “Snickers Pie” and when we finally caught a glimpse of this little gem, there was absolutely no hesitation in ordering it. The Snickers Pie ($6) did live up to its name, and didn’t deviate much in terms of taste. The tart was sprinkled with fresh chopped nuts – nutty fragrance with an additive crunch. Beneath the layer of chocolate twirls was the star of the pie – the dense nutty centre with a fudge-like texture. Despite looking creamy, the nutty centre was surprisingly very dense and rich, nothing like artificially sweetened cream. The nutty centre was aptly complemented with a layer of sweet salty caramel, which also added that extra sticky goodness to the entire pie. The entire snickers package sitting in a crumbly buttery tart – a delightful sweet treat for the snickers lover.

Roasted banana muffin with sticky oat, almond and marshmallow streusel

Roasted banana muffin with sticky oat, almond and marshmallow streusel

The Roasted banana muffin with sticky oat, almond and marshmallow streusel ($5) was also one of the items which caught our attention. Just look at the huge muffin with elaborate toppings of banana slices in the crumbly streusel with a caramel-like drizzle, how could we resist the temptation. It just stood out from every other muffin we saw at other pastry shops. Looks – we give it 100 marks. But taste wise, the muffin seemed to fall short. The banana slices turned out to be dry and hard banana chips, reminiscent of those dried banana chip snacks. We were actually hoping for fresh banana fruit slices which were lightly roasted with caramel, but still retaining the soft mushy texture. We didn’t really taste any marshmallow. The streusel was nothing more than a crumbly topping, unlike the description of a sticky oat, almond and marshmallows. The bottom chocolate sponge layer was slightly dry and bland, lacking a little surprise factor. Perhaps the elaborate looks and tantalizing description raised our expectations too much, leading to the slight disappointment.

Dark chocolate pomegranate slice with a shortbread base

Dark chocolate pomegranate slice with a shortbread base

The greatest thing about Overdoughs is how they were able to make every dessert look so tantalizingly pretty, unique and mouth watering. We ended up ordering the Dark chocolate pomegranate slice with a shortbread base ($5) as well. The tart was a multi-layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate sponge sandwiching a thin layer of chocolate crunch. Because of the chocolate sponge, the tart was drier and less chocolately rich that we would have liked. The shortbread base was a bit too buttery as well. We did like the pomegranate seeds on the tart. The seeds were crunchy and sweet – adding more flavour and colour to the chocolate tart.

#01-24, Waterloo Centre
Block 261
Waterloo Street


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December 1, 2012 at 11:51 am

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  1. oolala…Snickers Pie and that Promegranate Dark Choc Pies…missed them the last time I was there…very nice looking indeed 🙂


    December 1, 2012 at 11:31 pm

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