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Mooncake Special – Four Seasons Durian

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Durian Mooncake

Durian Mooncake

Widely known for its durian pancake and puffs at the Takashimaya food hall and the basement of Ang Mo Kio Hub, Four Seasons Durian has introduced its house brand of Durian Mooncake. The highlight of the mooncake was the thick and rich durian paste within the snowskin layer. There was no infusion/integration with the lotus paste, but was solely the good old plain durian paste. The snowskin itself could be improved, as it tasted rather grainy and sandy. The durian mooncake had to be kept in the freezer and thawed for 20 minutes before consumption. In its partially thawed state, the durian center tasted akin to durian ice cream which was equally tasty as well!


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September 25, 2012 at 7:33 pm

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