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Boxup – Chocolates on a Subscription

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Boxup Chocolates

Boxup Chocolates

Boxup Chocolates

Boxup Chocolates

Having a chocolate craving but lazy to head out to get your fix?

Dazzled by the many brands of chocolates and itching to try every single one of them?

Or just looking for sweet treats to surprise your partner? may just be the answer for you! is a new subscription based commerce where subscribers will receive a box of chocolates sourced from a mixture of brands every month. Think of it as a magazine/newspaper subscription, but rather than the magazine, what you’ll be receiving every month is a box of assorted chocolates, pralines, truffles, bars, tasting squares from different brands all over the world.

We were quite privileged to be one of the trial customers for and received a sample box from them.

We were quite amused by this new concept and were rather looking forward to the arrival of the chocolates at our door step. We have always been chocolate fans and now with this regular delivery of chocolate, it seemed to be the solution to our chocolate cravings. However, we did note a few flaws in the system.

The packaging box seemed rather amateurish, lacking the class and sophistication that we would expect from premium chocolates. To put it this way, to complement the premium brands of the chocolates inside the box, the packaging must first be set to impress. Secondly, there wasn’t any indication or introductory note to convey to the receiver the flavours of the different chocolates. We did realize that the flavours of the chocolates could be found on the website, but it would seem more appropriate to include a simple description in the box as well. Thirdly, though mimicking a magazine subscription, the delivery of the chocolate would still require the receiver or anyone else to be waiting at home. This meant that the regular subscription cannot be on auto-pilot mode, but would still need prior communication between the deliverer and receiver.

Perhaps at the end of the day, the joy for some lies in standing in front of the chocolate counter, perusing and selecting the flavours that you like. This chocolate delivery, however is still a good and convenient way to surprise your loves one who are chocolate fans.

Written by foodphd

September 17, 2012 at 11:55 am

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