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Off to Brunetti we went, as we heard that Brunetti offers one of the best hot chocolates around.

Italian Hot Chocolate

Italian Hot Chocolate with Florentine

The Italian Hot Chocolate was indeed thick and rich. However, we felt that Max Brenner’s version was of more premium quality, with a smoother and richer dark chocolate taste. The taste of Max Brenner’s Italian Hot Chocolate was, in our opinion, a notch better than Brunetti’s.

Tuna Bagel

Tuna Bagel

The Tuna Bagel was slightly toasted before served, hence resulting in a warm crusty bagel while retaining the cold and moist tuna. The interesting thing about the Tuna Bagel was the dollop of blue cheese stuffed within the bagel hole, adding a sharp characteristic pungent taste. We liked the sour and crunchy pickles as well, which provided that extra crunch and refreshing sourness.

Cheese Macaroni

Cheese Macaroni

Brunetti’s Cheese Macaroni was a simple rendition of the classic American dish. We could tell that the cheese used in the Cheese Macaroni wasn’t of top notch premium quality, but the creaminess and saltiness made up for it. There were bits of ham inside as well. Nothing too fanciful, but still good comfort food.

#01-35, Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road


Written by foodphd

September 13, 2012 at 3:18 pm

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