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A bald man and his love for chocolate – put that together and you get Max Brenner!

Chocolate Chunks Pizza

Chocolate Chunks Pizza

Chocolate Chunks Pizza (Half: $11.50) – Max’s double chocolate melting chunks with crunchy hazelnut bits, bananas, peanut butter and roasted marshmallows. The so-called pizza base wasn’t exactly similar to the typical Italian pizza crust. It was more bread like, more doughy and thicker, minus the charred outer crust. The combination of the chocolate and peanut butter made the pizza more gooey and sticky. The roasted marshmallows were akin to those barbequed ones, with a harder and crispier crust and a soft, gooey, sticky interior. The crunchy hazelnut bits were fragrant and complemented the overall gooey-ness with additional crunchiness. On the whole, the pizza was very chocolately, but still displaying an adequate balance of texture and taste.

Italian Thick Hot Chocolate

Italian Thick Hot Dark Chocolate

Italian Thick Hot Dark Chocolate ($7.50) – Thick hot dark chocolate with vanilla cream. We formally declare Max Brenner’s Italian Thick Hot Dark Chocolate as our favourite hot chocolate in Singapore! Previously, we tried Ricciotti’s Italian hot chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed it. And for that moment, we thought that Ricciotti’s was the best and we couldn’t find anything better. Max Brenner has proven us wrong! Max’s Italian Thick Hot Dark Chocolate was very thick and rich. You could almost see it as the molten centre of a chocolate molten lava cake. Slurping it down, we simply enjoyed the overwhelming viscous chocolate. There were 3 kinds of hot chocolate – dark, milk or white. The dark chocolate was already rather sweet, hence to fully appreciate the quality chocolate and not get sick, we recommend going for the dark version. Pure chocolate joy!

Max Brenner
#01-116, Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk


Written by foodphd

August 30, 2012 at 10:18 am

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  1. I think Brunetti’s Italian Hot Chocolate is the best in SG 🙂 and reasonably priced too at SGD6 nett


    August 30, 2012 at 9:58 pm

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