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Taste ParadiseThe Paradise Group’s answer to fine Chinese dining, serving traditional dishes with a twist of sophistication and creativity.

Roasted Peking Duck

Roasted Peking Duck

Despite raving reviews on the Roasted Peking Duck, we found it mediocre and not exceptionally impressive.

Classic Superior Shark's Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied with Crispy Spring Roll served in Japanese Stone Pot

Classic Superior Shark’s Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied with Crispy Spring Roll served in Japanese Stone Pot

Classic Superior Shark’s Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied with Crispy Spring Roll served in Japanese Stone Pot – There was no hint of starchiness in the broth, but one which was thick and strong in flavour, suggesting that it had been stewed for many hours, perhaps with pork bones. The shark’s fin came in big complete pieces which made this dish worthy of every cent paid. Strands of abalone were also found inside. The stone pot did a good job in conserving the heat, allowing the shark’s fin soup to stay piping hot till the very last drop. The crispy spring roll was good on its own or when dipped in the broth.


Salt and Pepper Duck

The remains of the peking duck were further processed by deep frying and mixing with salt and pepper. The fried duck was soft and tender. However, it was a pity that the spices used were not strong enough to accentuate the entire dish.

Bamboo Clam with Garlic

Bamboo Clam with Garlic

The Steamed Bamboo Clam was soft yet chewy. There was a slight fishiness when eaten on its own, but the fried garlic and gravy managed to mask the fishiness. The vermicelli which absorbed the essence of the gravy was tasty too.

Scallop with Asparagus

Scallop with Asparagus

We requested for the asparagus and scallop to be stirred fried with chilli for a change, instead of the typical garlic version. The chilli sauce used seemed to be a sweeter version of sambal. This dish was well-executed, especially with the use of the fresh ingredients of succulent scallops and crunchy asparagus.

Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

The Roast Chicken was a winner. The chicken was soft and tender with a slightly crispy but non-oily skin. We felt that the best part of the dish was the marination which made the roasted chicken totally appetizing and tasty. In fact, there was no need to dip the pieces of chicken in any of the accompanying sauce.

Wok-fried Ramen with Lobster in XO Sauce

Wok-fried Ramen with Lobster in XO Sauce

Wok-fried Ee Mee with Lobster in XO Sauce – The lobster was fresh and juicy. Despite not being able to taste much of the XO, the sauce was a good complement to the noodles. Unlike other fried noodles, the gravy eliminated the oily element in the fried noodles. The only flaw of the dish was the overly cooked noodles which turned out to be rather soft.

The meal worked out to be around $120 per person. It was on the expensive side, but given the quality of some of its dishes and the location of the restaurant, the price is justified.

Taste Paradise
#04-07, ION Orchard
No. 2 Orchard Turn


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June 28, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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