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Ordering your food using an iPad? Having your orders delivered to your table by a “high speed sports car”? Sending the emptied delivery car with a press of the button? Sounds gimmicky, but this is exactly what is going in Genki Sushi.

Genki Sushi's Double Decker Delivery System

Genki Sushi’s Double Decker Delivery System

Sake Oyako Don

Sake Oyako Don

Sake Oyako Don ($7.80) – Our favourite don remains to be the salmon and roe donburi. The salmon sashimi was fresh, very succulent, with a tinge of seafood salty sweetness. It was smooth and very refreshing. The rice was rather bland and lacking in vinegar, but this was compensated by the strong characteristic saltiness of the roe. If Genki Sushi can work a little more on the flavour of the sushi rice, this Sake Oyako Don would definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Sea Eel Whole (Anago Ippon)

Sea Eel Whole (Anago Ippon)

Sea Eel Whole (Anago Ippon) ($5.80) – The sea eel seemed more steamed/poached than grilled. It was a bit soft and mushy, unlike the tenderness of unagi. Taste wise, it wasn’t as strong and flavourful as unagi. Basically, this dish turned out quite unlike what we were looking out for. There was a small chunk of rice encompassed within the eel, making it seemed like a piece of sushi with an oversized topping.

Genki Sushi
#03-32, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road

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