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Open Door Policy

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Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy

The sleepy neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru has been awoken by the influx of many eateries and concept stores. Our first stop at Tiong Bahru – Open Door Policy.

Prawn, pumpkin and saffron risotto with rocket pesto

Prawn, pumpkin and saffron risotto with rocket pesto

Prawn, pumpkin and saffron risotto with rocket pesto ($24) – The risotto arrived before us, bringing along a whiff of savoury cheesy aroma. The risotto was very dense, sticky and creamy, with the rice grains being chewy and not overly mushy. There were tiny bits of pumpkin and cubes of prawns mixed within the risotto, providing the additional crunch to the overall texture. The chef did not stinge on the amount of prawns as we could find them in every mouthful of risotto. Besides the rocket pesto leaves, there was also the pesto puree which added this tangy vegetable taste to reduce the richness of the creamy risotto. On the whole, this has got to be one of the better risottos we have tried.

The ice cream 'why just sunday'

The ice cream ‘why just sunday’

The ice cream ‘why just sunday’ ($14) – Rather than ask ourselves ‘why just sunday’, the more appropriate question from us was ‘why order this’. The ice cream was a haphazard slipshod merger of brownie crumbs and ice cream. There was totally no harmony between the individual components and what made things worse was that the respective components did not taste good. First was the ice cream. We weren’t even sure if it was chocolate or vanilla ice cream as the taste was too faint and bland. We were also speculating if it really was ice cream as it was simply too soft and thin, not one bit like ice cream. The chocolate brownie was dry and crumbly. The caramel sauce was almost hastily-like drizzled on the concoction, adding no value to the dessert. With the bulk of the dessert being so disappointing, the only saving grace was the crunchy peanut butter biscuits crumbs amongst the brownie.

While the main course shone with strong flavours and textures, the desserts were disappointing and unimpressive.

Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street


Written by foodphd

May 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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