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Grin Affair

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Grin Affair

Grin Affair

Who says cakes must be packed in boxes? Newly open at Everton Park, Grin Affair breaks all tradition and serves their cute cakes in … bottles!

(from left to right) Hazelnut; Dark Chocolate

(from left to right) Hazelnut; Dark Chocolate

Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate

Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate

Hazelnut – Hazelnut mousse made from freshly grated hazelnut, sandwiched between soft coffee and chocolate cakes. In our opinion, the Hazelnut could be described as combination of light airy sponge and cream. Texture wise, the entire cake was pretty one dimensional and was on the soft and light side. Taste wise, the coffee was more evident than the chocolate and hazelnut. The cake wasn’t rich and dense enough, and was more suitable for individuals who prefer a lighter dessert. The best part has got to be the crunchy hazelnut chunk atop the cake, which had the crunchiness and fragrance of hazelnuts.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate mousse with soft chocolate cake, topped with sea salt dulce de leche and chocolate ganache dome. The Dark Chocolate was richer in taste and definitely more dense than the Hazelnut. However, it was slightly on the sweeter side. There was a dollop of sea salt dulce de leche on top of the cake, which seemed more of a decorative topping. It did not complement the Dark Chocolate well. Once again, the best part was the chocolate ganache dome atop the cake, which was a chewy rich block of chocolate.

Matcha and Azuki Bean

Matcha and Azuki Bean

Matcha and Azuki Bean – Green tea mousse with chunky red bean and moist vanilla cake, topped with walnut. The green tea mousse was rather fluidy, almost like a liquid mousse. Coupled with the soft vanilla cake and chunky red bean, the Matcha and Azuki Bean was more multi dimensional in terms of taste and texture.

The bottled cakes from Grin Affair do look pretty and make nice gifts to friends. However, the tastes did not match up to its looks, which was much disappointing.

Grin Affair
#01-77A, Block 3
Everton Park

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