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The first dedicated pancake cafe in Singapore, Strictly Pancakes, is located along Prinsep Street.

Garlic Buttered Prawns

Garlic Buttered Prawns

Garlic Buttered Prawns ($14) – Medium stack served with prawns buttered generously with garlic and cherry tomato salad on the side for an aromatic, mouth-watering treat. We particularly enjoyed the rich creamy garlic butter sauce. It was packed with every goodness of minced garlic, with a tinge of herb fragrance. The prawns were bouncy, firm and crunchy. In fact, the prawns were a tad too crunchy, which made us wonder if they had been artificially pre-processed. The pancakes, being the star of this cafe, was no disappointment. They were light, soft and fluffy, making excellent complements to the rich flavourful garlic butter sauce. The only down side was the inadequate amount of sauce, which was only drizzled above the exposed pancakes. The parts of the pancakes which were hidden beneath were sadly lacking in the garlic sauce.

What A Spread!

What A Spread!

What A Spread! ($11) – No other spread measures up to the medium stack of peanut butter pancakes layered with Nutella served complete with Kinder Bueno and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We were less impressed with the sweet pancakes. The peanut butter pancakes were mild in flavour and we could barely taste any peanut butter. The layer of nutella spread between the pancakes was also minimally thin. It seems that the Kinder Bueno sticks were the only component which was sweet and rich enough, in contrast to the bland pancakes. Compared to the savoury pancakes, the sweet version was rather disappointing.

Though Strictly Pancake spans over 2 floors with an alfresco dining area, the entire place was rather small. Each table was only 2 inches away from the next, which resulted in a not too private and rather cramped dining experience. Not the best place to relax and chill after a day’s work, but more of a eat and go cafe.

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street.


Written by foodphd

April 25, 2012 at 3:16 pm

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