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Ice Cream and Topping Flavours


Lippolis Ice Cream

Jumping onto the Deal voucher bandwagon, we snagged a $10 ice cream buffet deal at Lippolis Italian Gelato. Hidden along a secluded corridor in Chijmes, we have never heard of this ice cream outlet prior to the promotion. The buffet (usual price $19.80) spanned over 3 hours and you could choose from a spread of 12 flavours and different toppings. The 12 flavours of the night were:

Dark Chocolate
Green Apple
Buffalo Milk

Amongst the 12 flavours, the Dark Chocolate was our favourite. It was rich, thick and creamy. The Pistachio and Hazelnuts were slightly diluted and less distinct in flavour, but we enjoyed the creamy texture. The fruity flavours were less creamy, and more towards the sorbet nature. Taste wise, they resembled that of sweet fruity concentrates, and were less impressive. The Buffalo Milk was overwhelmingly pungent and we found difficulty appreciating the milkiness. In general, except for the Dark Chocolate, the remaining flavours were mediocre and some just didn’t make the mark.

Toppings wise, beside the wafer cubes and marshmallows, the other choices were just flavoured gel-like Lippolis manufactured concentrates which tasted overly artificial and sweet. It would be more appealing to have assortment of nuts, cornflakes etc.

Lippolis Italian Gelato
#01-06, Chijmes
30 Victoria Street


Written by foodphd

April 21, 2012 at 12:13 am

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