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Leonidas Liquer Chocolates

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Leonidas Liquer Chocolates

Leonidas Liquer Chocolates

Leonidas Liquer Chocolates

Leonidas Liquer Chocolates

Leonidas has always been known for its good quality premium chocolate. With its standout interesting packaging and the appeal of alcoholic flavours, we were immediately drawn to this box of 18 Liquer Chocolates from Leonidas. We were expecting Leonidas’ liquer pralines to be similar to that of Sarotti’s, with a alcoholic thick gooey centre. Sadly, it was far from expectations. The moment we bit into the pralines, the liquid alcohol spurted out in all directions. The core of the chocolate was essentially the liquid alcohol itself and indeed, the alcoholic taste was overpowering. However, it was almost akin to drinking a shot of alcohol, and the chocolate was virtually non-existent. In addition, the inner casing of the chocolate shell was filled with crystallized sugar bits, which we absolutely disliked. Leonidas prides itself on premium chocolates, yet in this expensive box of chocolates, we do not see the quality of their chocolates. Instead, what we saw was the frivolous use of a thin chocolate shell as a vehicle to consume alcohol.


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April 10, 2012 at 8:38 pm

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