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Togi Korean Restaurant

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Ask us for good Korean food and we will not hesitate to recommend Togi Korean Restaurant. Great authentic Korean fare, dished out by Korean servers and chefs, with the background of Korean television programmes, Togi has got to be one of the better Korean restaurants in Singapore. Despite having visited on countless occasions, this is the first time we decided to feature it.

Korean Banchan

Korean Banchan

We were served 6 different Banchan (clockwise from top left) – anchovies, seasoned vegetables, beancurd skin, pickled cucumbers, potatoes, kimchi. These side dises are refillable on demand.

Chicken Bibimbab

Chicken Bibimbab

Chicken Bibimbab ($11) – The essence of the bibimbap lies in the gochujang. Togi’s hot pepper paste was strong in flavours, it started off mildly spicy and sweet, but ended off with a burst of spiciness. It was the richness of the sauce which tied the rice, chicken and vegetables together. The chicken was well marinated and very tasty on its own. Allow the dish to rest for a while before consuming and one could enjoy the harder, charred rice crisps at the base and sides of the hotpot.

Soon Du Bu Jji Gae

Soon Du Bu Jji Gae

Soon Du Bu Jji Gae (Spicy silken tofu soup with seafood $12) – Each serving came with two unpeeled prawns, some sliced squids, tofu and traces of egg. Despite the seemingly oily and red hot soup, the soup was actually pretty light on the palette and a good choice of starter for the meal.

Duk Bok Gi

Duk Bok Gi

Duk Bok Gi (Stir fried spicy rice cake $12) – Rice cake, fish cakes, eggs, gyoza, onions, carrots in a spicy Korean sauce. We loved this dish for the intense spiciness of the thick base. Another pull factor had got to be the quality of the rice cakes, which were not overly soft and mushy. They were of the right texture of stickiness and had sufficient chewiness, likened to being al dente in an Italian pasta dish. There were quite a fair amount of steamed fish cakes and gyozas added. The gyozas in particular were tasty. The hard-boiled egg on the other hand was very dry and did not seem to go well with the spicy sauce. The portion was generous and huge enough to be shared between two person.

Togi Korean Restaurant
11 Mosque Street

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