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Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge

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Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge

Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge

Newly opened this year and located at the intersection of Kg Eunos and Changi Road is Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge.

Teochew Porridge Side Dishes

Teochew Porridge Side Dishes

Economical Rice Dishes

Economical Rice Dishes

At first glance, we spotted the usual side dishes of Teochew Porridge including:

Teochew Braised Duck
Handmade Meat Ball
Steamed Sotong
Mei Cai (Preserved Radish Leaves)
Braised Peanuts
Braised Pig Intestines
Steamed Fish

Not displayed in the counter are also 2 of Seah Soon Teck’s specialties – Pig Trotter Jelly  猪脚冻 and Shark Meat Jelly 鲨鱼冻. Besides Teochew Porridge, Seah Soon Teck offers a huge spread of economical rice dishes as well, catering to both the Teochew Porridge fanatics and the general public.

Teochew Porridge

Teochew Porridge

Shark Meat Jelly (鲨鱼冻)

Shark Meat Jelly 鲨鱼冻

Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻

Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻

The Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻 is a labour-intensive traditional Teochew dish which requires hours of preparation. We were expecting a more chewy and harder gelatinous like texture, similar to the ones which we tried before at other Teochew restaurants. However, Seah Soon Teck’s version was vastly different. The Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻 essentially disintegrated and melted in our mouths within seconds. The meat was thinly sliced such that it lost the meat tenderness. We did not have to chew on the jelly and they melted in the mouth. The Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻 was accompanied by their homemade chili sauce which was sufficiently spicy.

Compared to the Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻, the Shark Meat Jelly 鲨鱼冻 is more rare and not commonly found in recent years. For those who have not tried shark meat before, the texture of shark meat is essentially intermediate between chicken and fish meat. While it was not as soft and silky as fish meat, it wasn’t as tough and chewy compared to chicken meat. Compared to the Pig Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻, the Shark Meat Jelly 鲨鱼冻 had more bite and chew to it. For non-fish lovers with a sensitive palate, the shark meat, though slightly bland did exude a slight fishy taste. This could however, be covered up by the accompanying sesame and peanut plum sauce.

Handmade Meat Ball

Handmade Meat Ball

Braised Duck

Braised Duck

The handmade meatballs are made freshly daily, using pork, prawns and fish. The meatballs weren’t overly seasoned and retained the original flavours of the pork and fish. They weren’t too starchy, you could chew onto the bits of fish and pork meat. Another dish we enjoyed was the braised duck. The meat had adequately absorbed the essence of the sauce, yet not being too salty. We did feel that the duck meat could be a little more tender and less rubbery.

Steamed Promfet

Steamed Pomfet

Some parts of the steamed pomfet, especially the area not in contact with the gravy, wasn’t all too soft and tender, probably due to the fish being presteamed and then reheated upon serving. However, for a better experience, one could request for a fresh uncooked pomfet to be steamed on the spot with a small additional fee. The gravy was a little on the salty side probably due to the sour plums and preserved vegetables. However, it was good that there was no fishiness to this dish.

(top) Cai Buey, Braised Peanuts, Tau Kee, Chai Poh (Salted Turnips) Omelette (bottom from left) Cabbage; Hae Bee Hiam

(top) Cai Buey, Braised Peanuts, Tau Kee, Chai Poh (Salted Turnips) Omelette (bottom from left) Cabbage; Hae Bee Hiam

Other dishes we tried included the cai buey, tau kee, chai poh omelette. We particularly liked the braised peanuts and hae bee hiam. The braised peanuts were well flavoured and very fragrant. The hae been hiam was spicy but not overly salty. The crunchy dried shrimps added much flavour to the porridge.

*Note: This is an invited session by the generous owners.

Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge
283 Changi Road


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  1. Dear Ph,Ds of Food,

    I have reflect back your feedback to my cook with regards to the fish being slightly dry as it is not covered by the gravy. We are in the midst to of rectifying this problem. As we understand that though the fish is pre-steamed, we will not want to have our customers enjoying the side of the fish that is much tender and “suffer” eating from the “drier” side.

    At the same time, we are also planning to have a variety of teochew porridge dishes (veg,meat,seafood, etc;) being cook on the spot like “Cze Char” style for customers looking for a more enjoying meal.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge

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