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Burratina, Roast Pumpkin and Truffle

Burratina, Roast Pumpkin and Truffle

Our third visit to Latteria Mozzarella Bar saw our first try in their cold cheese appetizer. Upon the recommendation of the server, we picked the Burratina, roast pumpkin and truffle ($20). Burratina is a fresh artisanal cheese from Puglia, made from cow milk mozzarella and cream. The burratina was very bland, however it still exuded the characteristic pungent cheese taste. It had a solid silky outer shell, somewhat like a tough layer of membrane. The inside was softer and creamier. The pumpkins didn’t exactly taste roasted, but it was indeed more flavourful compared to the cheese. We did like the toppings – the truffle was significantly more tasty while the butternuts added crunchiness to the creamy dish.

Roasted Whole Seabream, Smoked Peppers Puttanesca

Roasted Whole Seabream, Smoked Peppers Puttanesca

Latteria offers Roasted Seabream and Grilled Seabass. Between the 2, we ultimately decided on the seabream as we were hoping that the smoked peppers would make the entire dish more flavourful. However, we were sadly disappointed. Other than the slightly flavoured fish skin, the seabream on the whole tasted very bland. The spices stuffed within the fish gills did not seem to provide much flavour. It was as though the chef had forgotten to add seasoning like salt and pepper. Perhaps it would have been better if the fish was marinated in salt and pepper before roasting. We had to request for the server to grind black pepper onto the seabream, which made the fish so much better! There was also a mild fishiness and the fish meat did not taste all that soft and tender, likely due to its sheer size. The fish was placed nicely atop a sea of tomato based sauce containing sliced smoked peppers, tomatoes and pickled onions, but other than providing a slight sourness, this did not accentuate nor add much uniqueness to the dish. For $35, the Roasted seabream was huge enough to be shared comfortably amongst three to four, but quality wise, we felt there was room for improvement.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill


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