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Latteria Mozzarella Bar

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Our 2nd visit to Latteria Mozzarella Bar was rather impromptu and we didn’t make any reservations. The entire place was packed to the brim and we had to settle for bar side seats.

Porcini and Burrata Pasta Bake

Porcini and Burrata Pasta Bake

Porcini and Burrata Pasta Bake ($25) – The pasta bake arrived, looking rather dismal as it appeared obvious that there wasn’t much burrata cheese. True enough, the penne was not adequately baked with cheese. In fact, the sauce tasted more of garlic than of cheese and was rather greasy. The porcini mushrooms were also sorely missing. The pasta was towards the tougher, chewy side. The dish wasn’t all that impressive compared to their Mac and Cheese.

Tipsy Tiramisu Cup

Tipsy Tiramisu Cup

The Tipsy Tiramisu Cup ($15) did save the meal. For $15, you could expect a rather huge and decent serving of tiramisu. Latteria was pretty generous with the top layer of cocoa powder. The mascarpone cheese was rich, dense, smooth, thick and very creamy. It was almost like eating ice cream. The coffee soaked lady’s finger were moist but were sadly lacking in alcoholic taste. That was the only inadequacy of the dessert. Otherwise, Latteria’s tiramisu was one of the better ones we have tried.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill


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