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Fauchon Paris

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Fauchon Paris

Fauchon Paris

Fauchon Paris

Fauchon Paris

Fauchon in Paris started off as a patisserie and bakery but the list of products it carries has extended with time to include grocery, confectionery-chocolates and wines.  This box of Fauchon non alcoholic pralines from Paris came in an assortment of 15, with 6 different flavours.

Carre Lait Gianduja – Piedmonte hazelnut gianduja (58%). This is a must try for those who enjoy a generous serving of hazelnut paste. There was a slight hint of chocolate but what lingered in the mouth was largely the grainy dense nutty paste.

Cceur Lait – Hazelnut praline (18%). The centre hazelnut paste was gooey, smooth and more molten than the outer chocolate shell.

Cceur Noir – Crunchy (4%) Gianduja (49%). This came with a hard chocolate casing and a slightly softer centre containing some crunchy chopped almonds or cocoa beans. These crunchy bits seemed caramelized but left a mild bitter aftertaste.

Palet Noir – Ganache nature dark butter cream. We loved the soft, thick and melt in the mouth texture of this praline which accompanied the richness and creaminess of the dark chocolate.

Rocher Noir – Ganache nature dark butter cream. Supposedly an extended version of the Palet Noir to include chopped hazelnuts, but the ganache seemed to taste less creamy but more eggy and airy. We prefered the original version.

The Carre Lait Praline and Rocher Lait are hazelnut pralines with hazelnut content of 36% amd 30%, respectively. These were smooth and creamy too but not too overwhelmingly sweet.


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