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SomethingToGo – The Regent

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Our first visit to SomethingToGo left us pretty impressed and we had no hesitation trekking down to the not-so-accessible The Regent for more desserts!

Praline Feuillette

Praline Feuillette

Praline Feuillette ($8) – Chocolate mousse with crunchy hazelnut feuillettine. The Praline Feuillette comes with a crunchy ferrero-rocher like base, followed by a layer of sponge and finally a thick layer of mousse. We did not really appreciate the fact that the mousse tasted rather pudding-like. However, the crunchy nutty cereal like base tasted really fresh and showed no signs of moisture or dampness. The sponge wasn’t too dry and airy, and was more towards the dense, fudgy kind.

Chocolate Macaronade

Chocolate Macaronade

Chocolate Macaronade ($8) – This chocolate burger look-alike reminded us of the chocolate profiterole we had from Prego Deli. The difference was that the Chocolate Macaronade consisted of macarons sandwiching a thick layer of chocolate fudge, instead of the creamy chocolate mousse found in the Prego profiteroles or whipped cream or vanilla ice cream in typical profiteroles. The macaron shells tasted airy initially, but turned rather sticky and chewy when they began to melt  in our mouths. The chocolate fudge was absolutely divine! It was thick and dense but yet not overly sweet nor overwhelming. Its harder texture also brought on an additional dimension to the airy macarons.

Lobby Level, The Regent
1 Cuscaden Road


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January 21, 2012 at 10:21 am

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