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Black Sesame Bun

Black Sesame Bun

We’ve tried the Black Sesame Bun from Bao Today and Swatow Seafood, and just recently we realized that the long-standing Crystal Jade group offers our favourite Black Sesame Bun as well! Each bun is competitively priced at $1 and is sold at the Crystal Jade Kitchen. The bun when broken apart, brought some dismay as the black sesame fillings did not ooze out immediately, unlike that of Bao Today and Swatow. The fillings were much thicker and less fluid-like.  However, our dismay turned to joy when we bit into the bun and savoured the sandy-like texture of the black sesame fillings. The texture was similar to sesame fillings in sesame glutinous rice balls. We particularly like the the coarse texture and rich flavours as it made us relished in the fact that we were enjoying paste made from freshly grounded black sesame, and less of those instant starchy concoction. The exterior of the bun had quite a strong black sesame taste as well. Texture wise, it was rather dense, heavy, and less fluffy.

We also tried the Custard Bun 奶黄包, priced at $1 each as well. The Custard Bun was different from the flowy version 流沙包. The custard fillings were thicker and less fluid like, similar to the Black Sesame Bun. What we did not like was that the fillings tasted more like corn fillings in a sweet corn bun.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
B1-17, Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road


Written by foodphd

January 2, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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