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Wuhan Steamboat City

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The deepest impression people would have about Wuhan Steamboat City would be its advertisement by Aunty Lucy. However, this seemingly did not improve its business and on a Saturday afternoon, Wuhan Steamboat City was pretty deserted.

Wuhan Steamboat City

Wuhan Steamboat City

Wuhan Steamboat City

Wuhan Steamboat City

Wuhan Steamboat City offers both cooked and raw food. Cooked food included glutinous rice dumplings, pickled cucumbers, braised items like duck wings, duck necks and tofu, deep fried items like chicken wings, samosa, spring rolls, dumplings. For the raw items, there were the usual seafood offerings like prawns, squids, cuttlefish, fish. Others include chicken, sliced pork and beef, oyster mushrooms, golden mushrooms, Shitake mushrooms, dumplings, yam, potatoes, lotus roots, various vegetables etc. There weren’t any exotic or unique choices.

Soup wise, the flavours offered were Chicken, Seafood, Tom Yam, Spicy and Tomato. We tried the Chicken, Seafood and Tom Yam flavours. The Tom Yam flavoured broth was the tastiest, providing a satisfying level of spiciness and sourness. It was a good alternative to the Spicy flavour which tended to be too oily. However, the Tom Yam flavour also felt like the one loaded with the most MSG and we moved on to the more bland chicken and seafood flavours after a while.

On the whole, we felt that there was nothing too special about this Wuhan Steamboat City. It felt like a typical local steamboat affair with no element of Wuhan injected into its concept. The cooked dishes were unimpressive and the variety of food seemingly limited. The only draw was the fact that we did not have to walk around to take our ingredients. Service staff weren’t exactly friendly and helpful too.

The lunch buffet on a Saturday costs $19.90 per pax. There’s an additional charge of $1 per pax for free flow of drinks.

Wuhan Steamboat City
#04-85, The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street


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