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Bosses Restaurant 黑社會

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The allure of a 30% discount for all dim sum items from 2.30 to 5.30pm on weekdays was too attractive for us to walk past Bosses without going in.

Deep Fried Fish Skin

Deep Fried Fish Skin

Rather than the typical steamed ground nuts or salty peanuts, the starter at Bosses was a dish of fried fish skin. To our surprise, the deep fried skin wasn’t too oily, and was rather crispy and fragrant.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum

Signature Flowy Custard Bun 招牌流沙包

Signature Flowy Custard Bun 招牌流沙包

Signature Flowy Custard Bun 招牌流沙包

Signature Flowy Custard Bun 招牌流沙包

Signature Flowy Custard Bun 招牌流沙包 (3 for $5.50) – Perhaps partly due to the bright orange skin, the custard buns exterior looked and tasted different from typical buns, rather more like Steamed Cakes (鸡蛋糕). Once we bit into the buns, the fluid-like custard started oozing out. There was a generous amount of custard in the bun which kept oozing out from different parts of the bun. The custard wasn’t a creamy milky custard but one which was sweet but yet rich in the salted egg flavour. We particularly liked the seemingly unsieved, sandy texture of the fluid-like custard.  We didn’t quite like the bun exterior, but the interior custard was a winner!

Prawn Dumpling 笋尖鲜虾饺

Prawn Dumpling 笋尖鲜虾饺

Prawn Dumpling 笋尖鲜虾饺 (4 for $5.50) – The prawn dumplings were rather huge and from its translucent skin, we could see the generous chunks of prawns packed tightly within the dumpling. The prawns were crunchy, succulent and very fresh.  On closer examination, we realized that the fillings were not made solely of prawns but mixed with some equally succulent pork meat.The skin was also not too thick nor starchy.

Black Fungus Turnip Dumpling 葛丝木耳冬菇饺

Black Fungus Turnip Dumpling 葛丝木耳冬菇饺

Black Fungus Turnip Dumpling 葛丝木耳冬菇饺 (3 for $6.00) – With its fanciful name, we couldn’t quite relate it to the conventional soon kueh until we tasted it. The turnip strips were crunchy. The dumpling fillings were fragrant and not too oily. It was still a reasonably good soon kueh.

On the whole, we were quite impressed with the standard of dim sum at Bosses and would definitely return for more, in particular the Signature Flowy Custard Bun!

Bosses Restaurant
#02-156/157, Vivocity
1 Harbourfront Walk


Written by foodphd

December 4, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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  1. Hi, I read your review on the hungrygowhere website can I just ask if the 30% off dim sum promotion is still valid? I might be going to Bosses next week. Thanks!


    December 16, 2011 at 1:32 am

    • Hi Kate,
      We aren’t exactly sure when this offer will end. We went on 1 Dec, chances are the 2.30-5.30pm offer is still available. You might want to call them to check to prevent disappointment. Enjoy Bosses!


      December 16, 2011 at 9:40 am

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