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Ice Cream Frenzy

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Ice Cream Frenzy

Ice Cream Frenzy

The ice cream fanatics in us were drawn towards the ice cream buffet offered by Ice Cream Frenzy. For a nett price of $15, you can enjoy unlimited scoops of around 20 different flavours of ice cream, from 3 to 5pm on Fridays and Sundays.

Ice Cream Buffet

Ice Cream Buffet

The flavours include (top left): Sesame, Italian Hazelnut, Sea-salt Walnut Caramel; (top right) Milo, Baileys Irish Cream, Dark Swiss Chocolate; (bottom left) Cookies and Cream, Avocado with Roasted Almonds, Mango Tango; (bottom right) Aussie Cheesecake, Durian Dude, Awesome Almond. Other flavours (not shown here) include Matcha Memories, Super Soy, Soursop Cranberry, True Blueberry Yoghurt, Strawberry Surprise.

On the day of our buffet, some alcoholic flavours such as Rum and Raisins and Lychee Martini as well as the Peanut Butter Crunch which we were interested in trying were sadly missing. Our top three favourites of the day were: Super Soy, Aussie Cheesecake and Dark Swiss Chocolate. The Super Soy had a very dense and sticky texture, without tasting overly sweet. Being made from Soy beans, this is a healthier low-sugar tasty choice. Aussie Cheesecake was unique where we could taste the fine grained Ritz cheese biscuit-like crumbs. There were also white sticky bits which we thought could be cheese. The Dark Swiss Chocolate wasn’t exactly the best we’ve tried, but it was one of the best from Ice Cream Frenzy.

We have also identified some of the worst flavours, namely Awesome Almond and Matcha. The Awesome Almond was a dilute version of milky almond paste. Matcha had a very unbearable bitter after taste. In general, most of the flavours were lacklustre and pretty mild in taste. There was also seemingly a high concentration of ice crystals, which made the ice cream less dense and sticky enough.

Ice cream aside, the owner was rather particular about wastage and more inclined towards giving smaller scoops for the buffet patrons.

Ice Cream Frenzy
#01-250, Block 501
West Coast Drive


Written by foodphd

November 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

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