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Graze at Martin No. 38

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Having heard of raving reviews of Graze at Rochester, we headed to the new Graze at Martin No. 38 with much hope and anticipation.

Graze at Martin No. 38

Graze at Martin No. 38

Composed Salad

Composed Salad

Composed salad ($24) – Garden fresh green leaves, almonds, baby beetroot, avocado, spiced chicken, seared king prawns, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. The big portion of salad contained fresh and juicy slices of beetroot and avocado. The chicken and prawns were flavoured with salt and pepper. The chicken tasted broiled while the succulent crunchy prawns had a barbequed charred aroma.

Upside down duck pie, dried black olives, mash, pickled vegetables

Upside down duck pie, dried black olives, mash, pickled vegetables

Upside down duck pie ($24) – A very puny serving, this pie was not really the typical pie. There were slices of duck meat atop a thin layer of pastry, which in turn laid atop a pool of mash potato. The duck meat was braised in a bitter sweet sauce. A little on the tough and chewy side, the meat was not tender despite having absorbed the gravy. What turned us off was the duck skin with fats which were detached from the meat.  The pastry tasted a little too buttery for our liking. The accompanying vegetables tasted like spicy pickled vegetable aka achar. Sprinkled atop of this dish were fried olives and garlic which enhanced the overall fragrance of the dish. Overall, this wasn’t really a dish worth trying.

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake ($7.50) – We were deceived by its appealing looks. It appeared to be dense and rich in oreo and cheese, with an exterior layer of cream cheese frosting likened to that found on carrot cakes. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as expected. The “cheesecake” tasted pudding like. The oreo taste wasn’t all that distinct and the cheesecake tasted a little bitter. The base was made up of buttery chocolate biscuits with sesame seeds, which felt a little soft from prolonged exposure to air. The outer cream was a thin layer of sweetened vanilla cream, likened to that found between the oreo cookies. We felt the nicest part of the cake was the oreo cookie and the vanilla cream.

In all, our maiden meal at Graze was somewhat disappointing.

Graze At Martin No. 38
38 Martin Road

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