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Chin Huat 镇发 Live Seafood Restaurant

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To us, Chin Huat 镇发 was one of the pioneering steamboat/barbeque buffet places in Marina South. The redevelopment of the Marina South area saw the closure of the steamboat/barbeque buffet community and we had not been to Chin Huat … … until now, but it was no longer about steamboat, it’s about the seafood.

Chili Crab (辣椒螃蟹)

Chili Crab (辣椒螃蟹)

We chose the Sri Lankan crab, priced at $43.80 per kg. The crabs were undoubtedly fresh, with juicy and succulent flesh. The chili gravy was very thick and viscous, much to our delight! It wasn’t too sweet; the spiciness was present, though not sufficiently spicy enough to satisfy us.

Black Pepper Crab (糊椒螃蟹)

Black Pepper Crab (糊椒螃蟹)

There was visibly more crab roe in the Black Pepper Crab and these  have very much absorbed the essence of the black pepper gravy. The black pepper gravy was on the dry side. It was tasty and of the adequate level of black pepper taste. 

Silken Beancurd with Seafood in Claypot (海鲜豆腐煲)

Silken Beancurd with Seafood in Claypot (海鲜豆腐煲)

Silken Beancurd with Seafood in Claypot 海鲜豆腐煲 ($18) – The claypot contained beancurd, fish slices, prawns, squids, mushrooms and a huge proportion of onions. The seafood was generally rather fresh, where the prawns were crunchy and the fish slices were tender. The beancurd was soft and silky. The dish was nothing extraordinary, but still a crowd pleaser.

Cereal Prawns (麦香虾)

Cereal Prawns (麦香虾)

Cereal Prawns 麦香虾 ($18, 0.5kg) – The best thing about Chin Huat was that the seafood was very fresh. The prawns were big, crunchy and juicy. They were sweet on their own, but with the addition of the cereal bits, they were fragrant and salty.

Prawns Steamed with Beer (啤酒蒸虾)

Prawns Steamed with Beer (啤酒蒸虾)

Prawns Steamed with Beer 啤酒蒸虾 ($24, 0.5kg) – Surrounding the prawns was a rather strong aroma of beer and the egg white gravy contained a significant percentage of beer as well. However, we felt that the beer did not really complement the steamed prawns well. Steaming rather than deep frying enabled the prawns to retain more of its juiciness. We would give the garlic steamed prawns a try next time. 

Spicy Fried Chicken with Salt and Pepper (椒盐鸡)

Spicy Fried Chicken with Salt and Pepper (椒盐鸡)

Spicy Fried Chicken with Salt and Pepper 椒盐鸡 ($18) – This has got to be the worst dish of the night. There was barely any taste of salt and pepper. The chicken chunks were not thoroughly marinated nor flavoured. Interestingly, we felt that this was like an uncompleted dish of sweet and sour chicken, and all it lacked was just another quick stir fry with the sweet and sour gravy.

Chin Huat 镇发 Live Seafood Restaurant
#01-30, Blk 105
Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way


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