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Windowsill Pies

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2 month old Windowsill Pies was started by 2 brothers who wanted to fill up the “pie” gap in the local market. The duo of brothers are pretty young, but still, who says young chefs can’t produce great food? We took the leap of faith and went ahead to try 2 of their creations.

Windowsill Pies

Windowsill Pies

Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie

Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie

Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie ($6) – The cream-like top layer of the pie tasted somewhat like banana flavoured yoghurt. It wasn’t as cloyingly sweet nor creamy as whipped cream but there was a tinge of sourness which made it refreshing. However, unlike what was suggested in the name, the cognac was very faint and barely detectable. There were bits of fresh banana embedded within the tart, which provided a burst of sweetness every time we bit into it. We particularly enjoyed the almond brittles! They were solid, crunchy and fragrant. They possessed a charred toffee sweetness with a slight saltiness. It was unfortunate that the tart crust had a slightly raw egg stench. This was not really to our liking but we deemed it a small flaw. On the whole, we very much enjoyed the Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie with its combination of different textures and tastes.

Morello Cherry Pie

Morello Cherry Pie

Morello Cherry Pie ($6.50) – The Morello Cherry Pie was more refreshing due to the juicy and sour morello cherries. We were unsure if the pie fillings came from off-the-shelf jam, but it gave the feeling that it was home-made. The sourness of the morello cherry pie fillings overpowered any form of sweetness which it may have possessed. The sugar grains atop was a nice complement to the sourness of the morello cherry. The sugar laced crust also tasted more charred, eliminating the raw egg stench which we felt in the Banana Cognac Almond Brittle Pie.

Windowsill Pies
#01-206, Block 2
Pandan Valley


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November 8, 2011 at 11:46 am

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  1. the white part actually looks like unbaked/barely baked meringue to me, which would explain the raw egg smell. also, if they didn’t beat in much sugar, the “sour” taste could’ve been from the citric acid/ cream of tartar used to stabilize the meringue.
    they look delicious anyway and that’s how I prefer my meringue-topped tarts!


    November 16, 2011 at 11:11 am

  2. I would agree with SJ, these boys are young. Let’s give windowsill pies some time to adjust!


    February 26, 2012 at 10:50 pm

  3. […] has been more than a year since we visited Windowsill Pies and the brothers have shifted locations a few times. Compared to their small shop at Pandan Valley, […]

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