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Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

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Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

A walk through the Arab Street area and one can find many Turkish and Mediterranean restaurants similar to Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant.



Hummus ($6.50) – Middle Eastern mashed chickpea and sesame oil dip. The Hummus was vastly different from the English version we tried at Spruce. This had a texture similar to that of mashed potatoes, slightly coarse and mushy. There was also a strong spices fragrance and taste. It wasn’t too salty, and hence seemed healthier. The accompanying Turkish bread was served warm; it was bland but rather dense. It reminded us of a thick crust pizza.

Peynirli Ekmek

Peynirli Ekmek

Peynirli Ekmek ($3) – Home-made Turkish bread with cheese. The Peynirli Ekmek was similar to the accompanying bread served with the Hummus, however there was melted cheese atop of this version. The Peynirli Ekmek was more charred, possibly due to it being baked a second time with the cheese. Peynirli Ekmek could do with a bit more cheese though.



Musakka ($17) – Sauteed sliced eggplants and potatoes, layered with vegetables and topped with melted cheese. The so called layer of vegetables consisted of merely 3 slices of tomatoes and 2 slices of green chili. Though not very generous with vegetables, there was a huge serving of potatoes and eggplants beneath the melted cheese layer. Similar to Peynirli Ekmek, Musakka could fare better with more cheese. The potatoes and eggplants seemed to be deep fried prior to the addition of the gravy, hence releasing a bit of oil into the gravy.

Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant
16 Bussorah Street

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  1. […] taste and fragrance. It wasn’t oily and seemingly healthier compared to the one we had at Alaturka Turkish. The sauteed mushrooms added a bit more saltiness and flavour to the hummus. However, we still […]

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