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A new cafe to chill, relax and have some desserts? Try Wimbly Lu at Jalan Riang. We popped by one morning and got our fix of chocolates and scones from them.

Truffles (Milk, Dark, Baileys, Rum and Raisins)

Truffles (Milk, Dark, Baileys, Rum and Raisins)

The chocolate truffles, priced at $2 per piece, came in 6 flavours – Milk, Dark, Baileys, Rum and Raisins, Milo and Earl Grey. We tried the first four flavours. The Milk chocolate was a little too sweet for our liking and we preferred the richer and less sweet Dark chocolate. The Baileys was sadly lacking in the alcoholic taste, but there was still a mild coffee flavour. Same goes for the Rum and Raisins. We could bite into some tiny raisin bits, but could not detect any rum taste. We weren’t sure if the lack of alcoholic taste was due to the truffles being under the sun for a while, or that the alcoholic flavours were intrinsically milder. However, the warm temperature resulted in the truffles being slightly softer with the “melts in your mouth” texture, something we very much enjoyed.

Raisin Scone

Raisin Scone

The raisin scone ($3) was not too bad as well. The outer crust looked slightly wheaty, though the interior was pure white. The scone was slightly fragrant, not too overpowering in the butter taste or aroma, and still exuding the typical scone taste. It was not too heavy and starchy. On the whole, it was one of the better scones we have tried, though it would fare better with more raisins.

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang


Written by foodphd

October 19, 2011 at 2:47 pm

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