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The first time we visited Cocotte, we tried their specialty Poulet Roti but were far from impressed with it. Rather, we were drawn to their Roast Pork Collar. Or to be more specific, the creamy Dijon mustard sauce which the pork collar was cooked in. This time round, we went Cocotte with the aim of satisfying that craving.

Roast Pork Collar

Roast Pork Collar

Roast Pork Collar ($34) – Cooked in a creamy Dijon mustard sauce, served with brussel sprouts amandine, garlic potatoes and forest mushroom. We ordered the serving for 1 and the Roast Pork Collar was served in a normal dining plate. However, if you order the serving size for 2 and above, it would be served in a deep dish pot instead. First up, the Dijon mustard sauce – it definitely lived up to our expectations of being rich and creamy. It wasn’t overly salty but still rich in flavours. In fact, this creamy sauce would make a good pasta sauce! The pork collar was a disappointment though. The taste of pork was so overpowering, it tasted similar to the pork ribs commonly used to brew Chinese soups. The interior meat of the collar was devoid of any taste, except its intrinsic pork flavour. It was rather disappointing as the sauce was so good, but the pork did not absorb the essence of it. We did enjoy the accompaniments. We liked the crunchiness and freshness of the brussel sprouts, a vegetable not commonly served in local restaurants. The flaked toasted almonds were slightly salty and oily, but had a strong charred flavour and fragrance. These were spread evenly atop the brussel sprouts, adding much flavour to the vegetables. However, the forest mushrooms were way too salty for our liking.

Ground Level, Wanderlust Hotel
2 Dickson Road


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