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Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant

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Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Assortment of Grilled Porks

Assortment of Grilled Porks

Blue Garden offers a wide variety of side dishes to our initial delight. However, the quality and taste of all the side dishes were far from impressive. The warm dishes included Korean leek pancakes, kimchi fried rice, spicy rice cake, boiled squid, boiled pork belly, stewed chicken with potatoes and vermicelli and inari. The leek pancake tasted very starchy despite being loaded with leeks. The kimchi fried rice tasted very bland and seemingly lacking in the typical sticky chewiness of pearl like Korean rice. The rice cakes were solid hard and lacking in flavour too. The inari was definitely inferior as the rice lacked the essential vinegar flavouring. Fried items like salted chicken wings, assorted vegetables and a strange deep-fried dough coated with coarse sugar were also served. The nicest cold dish were the bean sprouts and the spring onions. The kimchi and the chilli flavoured vegetables (leeks, spring onions, cucumbers, radish) were boring. Abalone porridge was also on the list but we decided to give it a missed, judging from the standards of the other dishes. There were Korean ice cream popsicles but we were required to pay for them.

The barbeque items were much better than the cooked food and cold dishes.There were a number of meat served: pork belly, marinated pork, pork collar, bulgogi (pork), wine infused pork belly, bulgogi (chicken), prawns and many other different cuts of beef.  The pork belly lacked flavour and the beef belly was overly loaded with fats. The wine infused pork belly tasted slightly better, with a slight tinge of alcohol. We liked the marinated pork and bulgogi the most. In general, we felt that Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Resturant was nowhere comparable to the other BBQ restaurants which we had tried thus far – SSikkek, 2D1N Soju Bang and Ju Shin Jung. No doubt the environment was more conducive at this hotel restaurant, with a smaller crowd and more appealing display of food, the food was lackluster and much less value for money (S$29).

Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant
#01-07, Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road


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