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agnes b. DELICES

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agnes b. DELICES

agnes b. DELICES

Talk about agnes b. and one would immediately associate it with the mid-range fashion brand. Surprisingly, agnes b. has its own cafe carrying a series of food products. Currently unavailable in Singapore, agnes b. DELICES can only be found in countries like Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Unlike the ones from Hershey’s, these pearls are much smaller, around 4mm in diameter. The Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls, as the name goes, was a bit crunchy. One thing bad was that these pearls were too small in size such that we could not fully appreciate the quality of agnes b.’s chocolates. Coupled with the fact that the crunchy bits have to be incorporated into the pearls, the proportion of chocolate was further reduced. Apparently, crispy oatmeal was added for the crunchy factor. But due to the small size of the pearls, we could not detect any taste or fragrance of the oatmeal, and also the smoothness or richness of the chocolate. The Dark Chocolate Pearls were slightly more appealing as we could taste more of the rich bitter dark chocolate. Ultimately, both pearls did not satisfy our chocolate cravings.


Written by foodphd

September 12, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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