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Teahouse – The Asian Kitchen

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We were expecting fried rice, noodles, dumplings and 小笼包 when we visited Teahouse – The Asian Kitchen but were surprised to find that it was actually very different from the Asian Kitchen La Mian Xiao Long Bao branches. Teahouse was geared more towards the Crystal Jade Kitchen kind of restaurant despite the smaller variety of food served. We ordered the Seafood Toufu Soup ($8.00), Chicken Mushroom Pot ($8.70) and Mala Crispy Duck ($12.70).

Seafood Tofu Soup

Seafood Tofu Soup

The Seafood Tofu Soup had more mini tofu cubes than seafood. The broth was thick but the thickness was largely due to the starch flour. It was mildly flavourful but did not manage to capture much of the seafood essence.

Chicken Mushroom Pot

Chicken Mushroom Pot

The Chicken Mushroom Pot was served in a claypot. Piping hot food served in a claypot always tended to taste better. Besides a rather generous portion of chicken meat and around three pieces of mushroom, there were also numerous whole garlic pieces and ginger slices which heightened the flavours of the gravy. One commendable thing about the dish was that the ingredients had thoroughly absorbed the essence of the gravy. However, the chicken meat wasn’t tender and tasted rather chunky.

Mala Crispy Duck

Mala Crispy Duck

The Crispy Duck came in four flavours: Original, Sour Plum, Herbal and Mala. Craving for something spicy and salty, we opted for the Mala, also the most expensive of all. However, we were very disappointed to realise that the only difference between the Mala and Original flavours was that Szechuan chilli flakes and oil were added on top of the roasted duck for the former. The Mala chilli wasn’t exactly authentically mala as well, like what we would usually find in Szechuan cuisine. Apart from that, the roasted duck was tasty and acceptable, though not the best around. We concluded that ordering the Original Crispy Duck should suffice. Just like Crystal Jade and Dian Xiao Er, the Teahouse Asian Kitchen is not too bad and is a rather affordable place to settle a quick Chinese lunch/dinner in a comfortable air-con environment.

Teahouse – The Asian Kitchen
#B1-15, Raffles Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road


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