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Strategically located beside the water fountain at the Raffles City Shopping Centre is Out of the Pan. Riding on the 1 for 1 savoury crepe special, we ordered 4 crepes to share and try. We had a choice of plain, whole wheat and sun-dried tomato flour crepe.

Norwegian Salmon (wholemeal flour crepe)

Norwegian Salmon (whole wheat flour crepe)

Norwegian Salmon – Smoked salmon with creamy pistachio cheese and plantation chutney. The most savoury of the four, it was on the salty side as smoked salmon was used. The accompanying chutnney made of pineapples, apples amongst other fruits was refreshing. Its sourness was a good complement to the crepe, which would otherwise be overly salty.

(from top to bottom) Yum Yum Mushroom; Smoked Ham

(from top to bottom) Yum Yum Mushroom; Smoked Ham

Yum Yum Mushroom – Sautéed shiitake, straw and oyster mushrooms with herbs, tomato sauce, ricotta and gruyère cheese. This crepe is indeed yummy and healthy. The fillings seemed to have been stewed for a long period such that even the sauce tasted strongly of mushroom. The ricotta and gruyère cheese were barely detectable though. The accompaniment salsa sauce was thick with large generous tomato chunks, which made the dish seemingly even healthier.

Smoked Ham – With grilled portobello mushrooms, gruyère cheese, tomato sauce and thyme. The portion of ham was generous, but it could get a bit overwhelming if one is not a meat lover. In our opinion, the ham tasted more like average picnic ham, definitely lacking in the smoky taste and fragrance.

Seafood Jungle (with sundried tomato flour crepe)

Seafood Jungle (with sundried tomato flour crepe)

Seafood Jungle – The prawns were fresh and succulent. There were a few scallops packed inside the crepe as well. Sadly, the scallops didn’t really stand out and allowed the prawns to be the main lead. The gravy was also not to our liking and somehow not quite compatible with the entire seafood crepe.

Out of the Pan
#B1-45, Raffles Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road

Written by foodphd

September 3, 2011 at 9:43 am

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